Cowbellpedia FAQ

What is Cowbellpedia?

Cowbellpedia is a Secondary school quiz game show for children within the ages of 11- 17 years old. The show focuses on STEM, general knowledge, and puzzles.

What is STEM?

Science, Engineering, Technology & Mathematics.

How can I participate in the Cowbellpedia competition?

Simply log on to the Cowbellpedia website (www.cowbellpedia.tv), to check if your school is amongst the registered schools then proceed to fill the form. However, if your school is not registered, kindly ask your principal to reach out to us via the “contact us” link to register your school.

When and where will the Cowbellpedia competition take place?

The main competition will take place in Lagos, Nigeria and will be televised. However, the qualifying exam will take place CBT centers in your school or its environs.

Is the Cowbellpedia competition open to all schools in Nigeria?

Yes, all Secondary schools can register. However, you need to confirm that your school is among the registered schools on the website.

What is the age eligibility for participating in Cowbellpedia?

11-17 years

What subjects are covered in the Cowbellpedia competition?

The subjects covered are STEM, General knowledge & Puzzle.

Is there any registration fee for the Cowbellpedia competition?

No. There is no registration fee for Cowbellpedia.

Registration is FREE.

Can home schoolers participate in the Cowbellpedia competition?

Unfortunately, No. Participants have to be registered with a school.

Are there any study materials or resources available for the Cowbellpedia competition?

Yes, simply check the website www.cowbellpedia.tv for the materials.

How are the participants selected for the Cowbellpedia competition?

Registered students are shortlisted to write a pre-qualifying exam and the best performing students in both Junior & Senior categories are shortlisted for the CBT exam.

Junior category: 66 students shortlisted.

Senior category: 66 students shortlisted.

Is there any limit to the number of students a school can send for the Cowbellpedia competition?

Each school can register no more than 5 junior students and 5 senior students each.

What are the prizes for the winners of the Cowbellpedia competition?

The prizes change for every edition.

However, for the 2023 edition;


  • The winner prize: Five million Naira Only (N5,000,000) + A trip to South Africa.
  • 1st runner up: Three million Naira Only (N3,000,000)
  • 2nd runner up: Two million Naira Only (N2,000,000).
  • All Finalists (Non-winners): Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only (N500,000) for each of them.
  • All Semifinalists (Non-winners): Two Hundred & Fifty Thousand Naira Only (N250,000) for each of them.
  • Products supply


  • The winner prize: Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only (N1,000,000) + 1 Laptop
  • 1st runner up: Four Hundred Thousand Naira Only (500,000)
  • 2nd runner up: Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only (N250,000).


  • The winner prize: Five Hundred Thousand Naira Only (N500,000)
  • 1st runner up: Four Hundred Thousand Naira Only (400,000)
  • 2nd runner up: Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only (N300,000).
How can I prepare for the Cowbellpedia competition?

You can prepare for the competition by engaging in some practice sessions via the Cowbellpedia website.

Will calculators be allowed during the Cowbellpedia competition?

No. Calculators are not allowed during the competition.

Is there any accommodation provided for out-of-town participants?

Yes, contestants will be given accommodation where the bootcamp will take place.

Can parents or teachers accompany the participants to the Cowbellpedia event in Lagos?

Parents/ guardians and teachers of selected students are allowed to accompany the students.

Can schools from outside Nigeria participate in Cowbellpedia?

No. Cowbellpedia is limited to Secondary schools in Nigeria.

What is the format of the Cowbellpedia competition?

Cowbellpedia is organized in a TV game show format where contestants compete in four different stages till the winners emerge. The show will be televised on major channels across Nigeria.

The stages involved are:

  • Elimination stage
  • Quarter final stage
  • Semifinal stage
  • Grand finale stage